Drop Spinning Workshop: Part 2

Today we had the second part of our Spinning Workshop with Rose Garbien of Bittersweet Ridge.

Rose taught us how to hand-spin with a drop spindle. We learned how to ply our yarn and how to set it. We learned about all the different supplies and different materials we could use. We even learned how to use a spinning wheel! It was interesting and fun and we had a great time and learned a lot.


We were so lucky today because Rose brought in her spinning wheels and we were able to spend a few hours learning how to use them!!!!!

 After we all got a few turns we finished off our yarn by plying on our drop spindles.

Now I can set the twist and then I can dye (it if I like) With 1 oz of Shetland Wool I made about 20 yards of two ply beautiful hand spun yarn!!!!  Tomorrow I am going to wash this and hang it out to dry! I can’t wait.

I have to say I really loved learning how to make yarn. I want to thank Rose for teaching us! It was Awesome!

Learning to Make Yarn!

When I was getting ready to open The Golden Button I met Rose Garbien from Bittersweet Ridge Farm. Rose has a bunch of Shetland Sheep and Angora Rabbits. Rose makes her own yarn and her own soap and she knits and felts!!!  I wanted to learn how to make my own yarn for quite a while now…. So Rose agreed to do a Drop Spindle Workshop. Its a two part class where we learn all about different fibers and tools and how to make our own yarn. It was wonderful!

Here is my yarn before I took it off the Drop Spindle… We had soooooo much fun!!!!!

Next week Rose is going to show us her Spinning Wheel!!!!!!!! Can’t wait. Thanks Rose!

Don’t forget we have a Acrylic Painting Workshop… cost is $30 at 4:30 on Wednesday….

Learn to paint still life flowers. Focus on color texture and form.

This Friday afternoon Bradleigh H. is coming to do Open Card Making. She will be offering a different card every Month!

Cost is $10. You may show up anytime between 4:30 and 6:30 pm.

We had a awesome weekend at The Golden Button!!! Today was our Needle Felting Bunny Workshop….

I also wanted to remind you about this….

We are having a Free Workshop this Friday night at 6pm at The Golden Button….. Learn to make a Potato Chip Scarf with EIleen Warner from Alpaca Hill Farm! Workshop is free with the purchase of 2 skeins of Alpaca Yarn.

and this….

There are still spaces in the Drop Spindle Class. Learn how to make your own yarn!!!! Its a two part class with Rose Garbien from Bittersweet Ridge in Roxbury! The cost is $60 for the two part class…. Plus $10 for a kit which includes your own Drop Spindle and roving. Class is March 11th and March 18th

Let me know if you would like me to hold your space!

Here are some pictures from today!!!


The workshop space is nearly finished!


Keep an eye out for more workshops and classes…