Oh!!! This Just In…..

I was just planning some delicious gluten free treats for the LOCAL LOVE EVENT….




I visited Anne at Grand Prix Cigar Shop in Southford… She will be joining us on Friday after 3pm with some really wonderful quality cigars for you to get for your Valentine.


I also spoke to my favorite little sister… (I only have one) Who will be available on Saturday from 12- 2 to put awesome feathers and colored extensions in your hair!!!! ($7- $10 each)

Then I found some fabric and I cut out a bunch of canvas hearts that I am sewing together with ribbon hangers… Soooooo…… you can come sit at our table and paint some Valentines for your loved ones. (Great for the little ones) Cost is $5 for one heart…. $ 10 for two hearts or $12 for three hearts.


Oh and we will be raffling off a Valentine basket! Pretty much its going to be super fun!!!


I hope you all can stop by for a visit!!!


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