We are going to be having a fun little event for Leap Year!!!!

To celebrate an extra day The Golden Button will be having Open Painting Workshops!!!

On Wednesday, February 29th,

Thursday, March 1st

and Friday, March 2nd

from 2:00 to 5:00 pm

Everyone is invited to visit The Golden Button to do some painting…. for $10 you will receive a small canvas and a lovely selection of acrylic paint. This is open to all ages from little littles to adults! Everyone is welcome. You may come in and create a masterpiece to take home. Wear a old t-shirt or smock and have some fun. Meet your friends or spend the afternoon with your children. Adults are welcome too!!!
Don’t forget to visit our website to see the complete list of awesome workshops happening soon!


The Golden Button is sooooo excited!!!!

We just got our awesome Golden Button stamp… Handmade by Green Garden Stamps in Ellington, Ct

Don’t they look cute!!!


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