Diorama Contest, Kitties and Simply Local CT Poll

Tomorrow at 1:00 PM we will be having our Diorama Contest Party…Come by and visit!!!! Gluten free/ dairy free cupcakes are ready, handmade awards have been awarded and these beautiful little photos of our very special little judges are currently off to the printer…. They will be for sale tomorrow for $10!!! Money will be donated to The Kitty Connection!!! A very special organization that is very close to my heart ♥ (where I got my baby kitty Dallas) Photos by local photographer… Pauly Occhialini

photo by Pauly Occhialini
All three baby kitties visited the store to meet Jessica from The Kitty Connection and
Miss Avril from CAST awarding prizes. Pauly Occhialini snuggles the kittens.
And please don’t forget to go on Simply Local CT’s Facebook page
We have till MONDAY!!!!

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