Valentine Painting Giveaway!!!

Since it is February and since it is a snow day…. Lets do a Valentine Giveaway!!!!!! Sooooooooo Many of you know Miss Kate from The Golden Button likes to paint ANIMALS IN SCARVES!!!!!
*****If you want one for Valentine’s Day….. LIKE our post on Facebook… Comment on it and Share it with your friends….. One (or maybe more of you!) will win a painting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(for another chance to win…. send us a valentine at The Golden Button 122 South Pomperaug ave #7 in Woodbury, CT 06798)

Ready GO!!!!


(We will contact our winner on Valentine’s Day!!)10516841_805924679475300_5197331279100875788_n 10013618_805924509475317_7909295556066708499_n 1975191_981901668491175_2261505613724680921_n 1798123_982635918417750_7163548212756373561_n


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