Photos from last week!!!

A few new classes for October….

~Afterschool Art!

Mondays in October: 5th, 12 and 19th!

From 4:00-4:45 PM

Join us at The Golden Button for some Afterschool Art! (Local students can take the bus right to us!) Each week we will make new and fun projects! Make a papermache sculpture, paint and decorate it with our beautiful collection of treasures and trim! Be inspired…. incorporate wood bases, feathers, fabric, and yarn! So much fun! You can eat your snack here.

Cost is $50 plus $15 supply fee

~Traveling Landscape Painting Class

Mondays in October: 5th, 12 and 19th

From 5:15- 6:30ish

Now as it turns to fall… It is a great time to explore the area and create some landscape paintings! Join us in Monday evenings as we visit some beautiful local places! Class meets at 5:15 at predetermined locations. We will work outside for the next few weeks…as long as we can before it’s too dark. Then we will meet at The Golden Button to touch up, fix and finish our paintings working from photographs.

Cost is $55 plus $20 supply fee

~Machine Sewing Class

Mondays in October: 5th, 12 and 19th!

From 7:00 to 8:00 PM

You are invited to learn how to use your sewing machine and to create fantastic fall projects! Bring your machine and manual and we will supply the fabric! (You may bring your own sewing kits if you have them… but it is not necessary!) We will practice all the important things you need to know at home and more! Both children and adults are welcome! Make this a parent/ child!

Cost is $50 plus $25 supply fee or….bring your child (or your parent) and the cost is $75 plus a $35 supply fee.

Some photos from last week….

11063540_940264442707989_5710075390378910574_n 11168073_940264449374655_6174516515785277694_n  12020040_940265379374562_1952380667503706500_n






Birthday Party….





12042604_941453619255738_6996464973843436800_n    12063311_941454472588986_5677939930686877271_n      12088098_941453529255747_8519675988557798936_n


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