We Grew Some Crystals on Rocks

Today was our last day of Kid’s Art Adventure Class!

The children made fossils, crystals, and scientific drawings!

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At the end of class there was a large selection of materials, yarn. glue, sequins. markers and some other items that were available for mixed medium pieces of art!

You can sign up now for October Classes!

Needle Felting, spooky drawing, monster making, sewing, Halloween art, and bookmaking!

email us at goldenbuttonshop@yahoo.com

to hold spaces!


Making Fossils

I would Like to let you know… that we have changes the schedule for the Kid’s Sewing Class this month. You can still sign up!!!! It is begins next week!

Kids Sewing (ages 8 and up) UPDATED SCHEDULE!!!!!!

5:00 – 6:00 PM. Learn basics for sewing that will last a lifetime. Children will have fun learning how to hand sew. Make different projects include…sewing button designs, hand sewing a wall hanging and making a new shirt out of old ones. A three-part class. Bring an old t-shirt to up cycle)

September 19, 26, and October 3rd.

Taught by Kate Gorham

(Cost is $ 45 plus a $5 Supply fee)


We began our Children’s Art Adventure Yesterday. Here are some photos from the class.

Making Fossils

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We looked at beautiful Fossils from New York then we made our own with real objects including shells, rocks, arrowheads and other found treasures from nature. Then the children used their new notebooks for scientific drawings!