We Grew Some Crystals on Rocks

Today was our last day of Kid’s Art Adventure Class!

The children made fossils, crystals, and scientific drawings!

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At the end of class there was a large selection of materials, yarn. glue, sequins. markers and some other items that were available for mixed medium pieces of art!

You can sign up now for October Classes!

Needle Felting, spooky drawing, monster making, sewing, Halloween art, and bookmaking!

email us at goldenbuttonshop@yahoo.com

to hold spaces!


One thought on “We Grew Some Crystals on Rocks

  1. Kate, you are doing such a fine job with these young people. It is so great to see the smiles you bring to their faces. I am so happy to see you using your arts skills and talents. Fantastic job Miss Kate!! Well done.

    Love Lorna

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