Summer Arts Programs at The Golden Button

We hope you had a Happy Father’s Day! Join us this Friday Night for Kids Night Out!!!!

*Friday June 26th is Kids Night Out Summer Style! from 7-9 PM.
Drop the kids off and have a night out!!!! Start Summer off with a fun night out! Kids will create a summer night sculpture, a glow in the dark necklace and more!!!! (Ages 4 and up please!) COST IS $30 per child or 2 for $50!

(Please let us know if you would like to join these classes by calling (203) 910-9948 or messaging us here or email us at
info@ )

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Here are some photos from this weeks Summer Arts Programs!

Sign up now for upcoming sessions!

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Next weeks classes are….

  • Art Supply Survival Kit: 1:00 -2:00 PM

Week Two: 6/29, 6/30, 7/1, 7/2

Create all your own art supplies! You will make your very own art supply survival kit!

(Ages 4 and up)

  • Zombies and Other Scary Things: 2:30-3:30PM

Week Two: 6/29, 6/30, 7/1, 7/2

Scary stuff! Zombies, monsters goblins and more!!!!

(Ages 7 and up… it is not that scary 🙂

  • Under The Sea: 4:00 -5:00 PM

Week Two: 6/29, 6/30, 7/1, 7/2

Lets celebrate the ocean and all its wonderful creatures and maybe mermaids too.

(All Ages)

  • Sew It Up: 5:30-6:30 PM

Week Two: 6/29, 6/30, 7/1, 7/2

Machine sewers!!!! Come on down! Lots of super awesome quick summer projects to create! Bring your own machine and manual! We have everything else!

(For children who have their own machines)



Drop in Art, Summer Programs, and Paint Nights!

Today at The Golden Button…… Drop in Art

11143706_890680710999696_3898949733162163574_n 11147200_883987588335675_222011122516458403_n

Wednesday, June 17th: Drop in between 1- 5 PM

Friday, June 19th: Drop in between 1-6 PM

Saturday, June 20th: Drop in between 1-4 PM Different projects to pick from….

* Wise old Owl $20                                                                                                                        * Tea Cup for Teacher $15 each                                                                                        *Open Painting: Little canvases $10 each

*Make a End of the Year Teacher Box $10 each

*End of the Year Teacher Magnet $8 each

*Father’s Day Gift Beer Mug $15 each

*A Little Mixed Media Magnet (fish, shark or turtle magnet) $8 each

*Father’s Day Painting on a little canvas $10 each

We are beginning our Summer Arts Programs next week! You still have time to sign up!!! Each Summer Program has been discounted to $80.00 including all supplies!!!

Here are some Summer Arts Programs beginning next week! There is still time to sign up!!!! call (203)910-9948 or email us at to sign up!

***Pretend Play Program: 1:00 -2:00 PM
Week One: 6/22, 6/23, 6/24, 6/25


Children will create pretend worlds with paint and sculpture! Gnomes, Fairies, mermaids, dragons, other mythical creatures! Paint on cardboard to create pretend play items, Make a 3-d playset with creatures and so much more!

(Ages 5 and up)

****Design Workshop: 2:30- 3:30 PM
Week One: 6/22, 6/23, 6/24, 6/25

Hey aspiring clothing designers!!!! Lets create some clothing designs!!! Each day we will draw paint and illustrate designs from your imagination! Then pick your favorite and lets create a 3-d sculpture of it! We will use… fabric, paint, paper, cardboard and much more on a large “fashion model” form! (Hey! We promised our machine sewers….Please let us know…If you would like to bring your sewing machine. Kids can work a real clothing design! We will provide basic patterns to work off of!)

(Ages 7 and up)


Here are photos from last weekends Paint Night at Woodlake!!!!!

We are planning our awesome Summer Night Classes for Kids, Teens, and Adults now!!!



Photos From Some of this Weeks Classes and Parties…..

Hello there!!!! Here are photos from some of the classes at The Golden Button!!!! We are still having a deal for Summer Arts Programs… So please Register for you programs on or before June 1st to get 15 % off your programs!!!!!!!!

Click here to pick!!!

Sewing Machine Classes…  18613_875582619176172_6173552806554425535_n

10408922_875582629176171_1019532171465474443_n 11295935_875582652509502_7265813042150685082_n

Little Kids Art……. 11032646_875582915842809_3016427165374870837_n




11140326_875713382496429_3926816263111293134_n    11256611_875582819176152_6115654257549418121_n


German Shepherd Puppy Painting Party!!!!!

11037878_874063562661411_3747204958235747990_n  11162354_874063872661380_3295733397761378087_n




(The birthday girl even brought her own puppy!!!)11061191_874063509328083_6816857505477720558_n

Art Enrichment…. Georgia O’Keeffe Style….
11251893_875713145829786_8654332327249739557_n 10411003_875713315829769_5648746224677999235_n

11351196_875713292496438_2021147525648485622_n 11202807_875713165829784_6359301882133617090_n


***GIVEAWAY*****SOOOOOOO… For all my FAVORITE Mother’s Out there…. We are giving away a very special Mother’s Day Gift!!!!!! (You actually don’t have to be a mother to win)


LIKE and SHARE THE GOLDEN BUTTON with your friends (ON FACEBOOK) Then leave us a comment. One lucky winner with get a special Mother’s Day Portrait done my me!!! (Kate Gorham- Owner of The Golden Button) You can give it to your Mother or you can keep it. I will paint your favorite pet, person or really anything! This is a good one!!!! (App. size 9 in. x 12 in.) (Your Acrylic painting will be finished in 2-3 weeks this is made to order!)
OKAY GO!!! Get extra chances to win…. By dropping in To Mother’s Day Craft Making today or tomorrow! (Friday 5/8 between 2 and 4 PM OR Saturday 5/9 between 1 and 3 PM)
Winner will be announced next week!

Click here to Link to our Facebook Page!

Join us today, Friday 5/8 between 2 and 4 PM OR Saturday 5/9 between 1 and 3 PM) for Mother’s Day Crafts!!!!


We also have Mother/ Daughter Paint Night

tonight…Friday 5/8: 7-9 PM (FULL) and Tomorrow Night…. Saturday 5/9 6-8PM

Cost is $55 for a parent with a child,

&70 for a parent with 2 children

& $84 for a parent with 3 children!!!

Snacks will be served!

We are painting this…


Here are some of my paintings……11037324_835570556510712_8175332422634676929_n 10013618_805924509475317_7909295556066708499_n 1975191_981901668491175_2261505613724680921_n 1491594_803095896424845_872530408208527264_n 10416589_774515032616265_4748126255454755348_n

Also…. If you sign up for our Summer Arts Programs before June 1st you get 15% off each class!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Check out out Summer Arts Program Page!