Photos From Some of this Weeks Classes and Parties…..

Hello there!!!! Here are photos from some of the classes at The Golden Button!!!! We are still having a deal for Summer Arts Programs… So please Register for you programs on or before June 1st to get 15 % off your programs!!!!!!!!

Click here to pick!!!

Sewing Machine Classes…  18613_875582619176172_6173552806554425535_n

10408922_875582629176171_1019532171465474443_n 11295935_875582652509502_7265813042150685082_n

Little Kids Art……. 11032646_875582915842809_3016427165374870837_n




11140326_875713382496429_3926816263111293134_n    11256611_875582819176152_6115654257549418121_n


German Shepherd Puppy Painting Party!!!!!

11037878_874063562661411_3747204958235747990_n  11162354_874063872661380_3295733397761378087_n




(The birthday girl even brought her own puppy!!!)11061191_874063509328083_6816857505477720558_n

Art Enrichment…. Georgia O’Keeffe Style….
11251893_875713145829786_8654332327249739557_n 10411003_875713315829769_5648746224677999235_n

11351196_875713292496438_2021147525648485622_n 11202807_875713165829784_6359301882133617090_n

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