In Progress

My friend, Amanda, thought we should change the work/table/area so it serves as a better studio… So that what we are doing.

Last week I went to Seymour Demolition where I picked out all these old doors. My Father had to go pick them up in his truck… Then we cleaned them up a bit and my father and husband spent yesterday attaching them together and putting them up. I am very excited about this space. The Golden Button shop was originally meant to be a painting studio/ art gallery  for me but it evolved  into the wonderful local- handmade items shop it is today. We do enjoy a lot of workshops so it makes sense to have a workshop/ studio area.

 I am about to run down to the shop to measure, move, paint a door, rearrange and other fun stuff.

 This should make workshops a little more private.

 (These photos were taking during construction)

(Sorry this is blurry)

Wall is up…. Over the next few weeks I will make curtains and maybe a coffee/ tea area back there.

Lots of planning in the works.

Don’t forget that this week we are having Leap Year Open Painting Workshop!!! Which is going to be awesome!!! This Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday!

Wear a smock or old clothes.

We are also having a sale on some of the scarfs and winter items at the shop. I hear it is supposed to snow this week! (I am not actually excited about that so maybe you should ignore the exclamation point!)


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