Its Snowing. It’s Leap Year.

Happy Leap Year!!!!

Our Open Painting Workshop is scheduled for today, tomorrow, and Friday from 2-6 PM.

I hope you can come by and Pick a canvas and create a masterpiece.

But since today is snowy…..

I am going to the shop which is only 3 minutes away from my house but I realize if I didn’t own it I would be in bed watching Downton Abbey or Mad Men and not going outside in the snow…. but I will be there for at least a few hours… So in addition to today,  tomorrow, and friday we will also have Open Painting available on Saturday from 12-3 PM. For those of you who do not enjoy being wet and cold. ❤

So if you feel like swinging by today I will be there at 1:30 PM. (but if you want call first (203)910-9948 that’s fine)


Happy Snow day!


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