We Like to Party!

Here at The Golden Button… We like to party!

Here is a wonderful celebration we had this weekend for Emily!!! Happy Birthday Emily!!!





Contact us for more information on Birthday Parties!

Also we would like to share this with you!!! Come by for a class or demonstration and bring a friend!!!

What is going on this week?

Week four: Diorama Camp begins tomorrow!!!

Wednesday and Thursday (1:00 to 3:30) is Open Painting Hours

($10 per canvas, open to all ages) Stop by! You don’t have to call ahead but you should wear a smock or old shirt!

Saturday at 1:00 Knitting and Crocheting Demonstrations! Local Yarn Sale and Alpaca prints!

 Sunday… Needle Felting: Dogs with Rachel Gerowe!

(cost is $35 save $5 if you bring your own needles and foam) Teenagers to Adults!

(I can just keep posting forever… but instead I will leave you with this… There are just a few spaces left in next weeks I Love Jewelry Mini Camp! Let us know if you would like to join!)

Thanks! Night!


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