We are Nearly One Year Old!!!

Here at The Golden Button we are starting to plan some wonderful Autumn Events… One very special event we are planning is our


To celebrate we have a great calendar of events during September and October.

(Not to rush you through your year… but we get excited around here.)


To get us going we would like to announce our

Spectacular Birthday Giveaway!!!!

There are two ways to win…

1. Click here and Share this on your Facebook page. (In a Public Post please or I can’t see it to count it)

(We would like to get 365 LIKES by the end of October) New Followers on Facebook will be counted towards the prize too.  You can SHARE more than once. We don’t mind. 🙂

2. The second way to be entered into our contest is to physically come into The Golden Button shop and guess How many buttons we have in our BUTTON JAR!!!!!!!!

Winners of wonderful prizes will be announced at the END of October!!!!

A few little reminders…

Drop off your Dioramas this Friday from 11-6 PM

Our Diorama Award Party is on Saturday at 1:00!!!!


There are still spaces in September Classes and Workshops. Check our Calendar of Events Page to see more info!!!

September 15th we will be open a little early… There is a great festival in South Britain so come on by!!!!

I may even open on Sunday 16th for more fun!

Come visit us and see what new local handmade items we have!!!

Happy Wednesdays!


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