Drop in Art!

Hey there!

Today and tomorrow and Sunday we have drop in art! You can come over anytime between noon and 5 PM to create a beautiful masterpiece. 3 Projects to pick from!!! Cost is $12 per project. All ages are welcome. Wear old clothes!

Thursday, April 18th

Friday, April 19th

Sunday, April 21

(and Next Thursday and Friday too!)


Paint a Masterpiece on a canvas


Build a 3-d Sculpture



Make a Mixed Medium Masterpiece!


(We also have a few little houses left over from another project to decorate)



We have been pretty busy with lots of classes and workshops.. Be sure to visit us to see what we have going on and check out our Facebook page for updates! The Golden Button will be at the Earth Day Celebration  in Woodbury on April 27th at Earth Day.



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