Earth Day!

The shop is closed.. We are on Vacation till May 8th! We will reopen next Wednesday at 11:00 AM! (send email if you need to get a hold of me.. I will be checking periodically!

Earth Day Celebration at Hollow Park!

Thanks to everyone who came to see us at Earth Day! Its always sooooo much fun! Second year in a row with beautiful weather and a ton of great people! We met some new artists and I got some beautiful cutting boards!!! Saw a bunch of old friends… drank LOTS of coffee and got a little too much sun! And  I now know… I need a hula hoop.  Its official. (No pictures of me hula hooping… sorry)




Kate Stephen Jewelry was a few tents down from me!!! When I got away to take pictures she had also gotten away… So there is a photo of us together.. but I don’t have it yet…



Then a few more tents down was Laura!!! From Olive My Skin! I got some awesome Organic Dog Shampoo from her!!!!!!! Hopefully Laura wants to sell it at The Golden Button when I return from vacation!!!


And then there was the ridiculous nonsense with my coffee addiction…. My straight up black no sugar in mason jars… coffee addiction! hahhaa. Have a great week everyone see you on May 8th!

securedownload-9 securedownload-10

Its sad I know.



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