Private Painting Events

We had a wonderful event with all of the ladies from B’nai Israel Sisterhood! They all went home with a masterpiece!


149352_764737843593984_1227618790724503854_n 1455080_764737590260676_5302722535516409472_n 1455080_764737866927315_5322967316572779099_n 1461843_764737753593993_1356846020939890778_n  10177234_764737536927348_1620945392936079633_n 10351404_764737520260683_6314933642695580572_n 10377597_764737790260656_4585008444574085470_n 10458525_764737820260653_6225844929736894158_n 10624974_764737633594005_8031447455800625820_n 10629652_764737606927341_6339769085796504737_n 10629829_764737680260667_911584761424520114_n 10689881_764737560260679_2332060657550545942_n 10698649_764737696927332_1553779473232613575_n 10734078_764737716927330_89286846205482983_n1891021_764737900260645_9094226871556880167_n


Contact us for your Private Painting Night with Kate from The Golden Button!!!! Great group rates!


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