Kids Nights Out and Ornaments Decorating


Ornament Painting and Decorating: Pick 3 wooden ornaments, Paint, glitter, decorate them all!!!!! These come out beautiful!!!! And you can save them forever! (Leave them overnight to be varnished!) Cost is $16 for 3 or $30 for 6! 1-5 PM (You do not need to call ahead… You can just show up. Don’t forget we have moved to Woodbury!!!!)

Monday, December 8th from 1-6 PM

Thursday, December 11th from 1-6 PM 

Friday, December 12th  from 1-6 PM 

Saturday, December 13th from 4-7PM)

Monday, December 15 th from 1-6 PM

Thursday, December 18th from 1-6 PM 

Friday, December 19th  from 1-6 PM 

Monday, December  22nd from 1-6 PM

Sunday, December 21st from 12-5PM



*****Plan you very own Ornament Making Party Now!!!! Contact The Golden Button for more info! Plan a 2 hour party at The Golden Button for you and your friends! Perfect for kids and adults! We supply all the supplies and hot chocolate and tea! You bring snacks! Cost is a flat rate of $30 and $ 14 per person!!!!!


*Kids Nights Out in December!!!

Drop the kids off and get some shopping done, have a dinner date, make plans with a friend!!!!


*Friday, December 12th 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM: Winter Animal Workshop! Create amazing sculptures of winter animals and make them a habitat to live it!!!! We will also make polar bear wall hangings and have lots of fun! (Little kids are welcome!!!) $30 per artist or $50 for two!

*Saturday, December 13th from 7:00- 9:00 PM: Kids Guided Paint Nights!  Miss Kate will guide your child (Step by Step) through a painting! Treat will be served! Wear old clothes we will be using acrylic paints! A very good time! Drop the kids off and get some dinner finish your shopping meet a friend!!! $30 per artist or $50 for two! (Ages 5 and up)

*Friday, December 19th 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM: Winter Wonderland Night!!! Kids will create an awesome 3-d winter painting! Lots of fun objects and treasures to use!! Make a snowman and more!!!!! Little Kids are welcome to join!!!!! $30 per artist or $50 for two! (Stay a little longer!!!! till 9 PM for $10 extra!!! Make a glitter house too!!!!)

*Saturday, December 20th from 6:00- 8:00 PM: Gift Making Night!!!! Children will pick from a bunch of great holiday gifts DIY! Make some gifts for the people you love! $30 per artist or $50 for two! (Stay a little longer!!!! till 9 PM for $10 extra!!! Make a glitter house too!!!!)


You may call to sign up for Kids Night Out!!!


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