Snow DAY!!! Friday, January 9th!

Hi there!!! If you want to get out of the house today….

We have Open Art today! Drop in between 1:30 and 3:30 PM

$15 for one child or adult, $25 for two  (The parking lot in Woodbury is MUCH better than our old one… But they are still doing some snow removal!) Lots of fun materials to create a masterpiece!

We also have a very special event this evening…
*A Special Paint Night for Parents and Kids!!!

Friday, January 9th from 7-9 PM

Have a night out with your child or your favorite little person!

Tea and hot chocolate will be served! Create a guided painting! You will each get your own canvas! Miss Kate will guide you step by step though a painting! (We suggest the child is at least 5 to create the step by step painting)

Cost is $55 per pair! ($70 for 3)

I am working on a sample right now… A pig in a teacup!!!!!



Hey Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts!!! Did you know you can work on your Arts and Craft patched here? At The Golden Button in Woodbury!!! 

Its true!!!

Contact us for more info!

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