Unicorns and Horses!

We are working on our Summer Schedule right now!!!! But in the meantime…. don’t forget to sign up for this Sunday’s super fun Needle Felting class!!!

Rachel Gerowe of Red Barn Originals is back for some super fun Needle Felting Classes!!!! Call (203) 910-9948 or email us at info@goldenbuttonshop.com to save a spot!!!!


Needle Felting: Unicorns or Horses

Come to the Golden Button Sunday, May 21 from 2-5 PM and learn the art of Needle felting. Rachel Gerowe of Redbarn Originals will lead students in making a unicorn or horse sculpture. Needle felting is an easy-to-learn craft in which a sharp, barbed needle is used to sculpt wool fiber into anything imaginable! This project is most suited for adults and teens. Class fee of $35 includes all materials to make one item in class and another at home (Save$5 if you bring your own needles and foam)
Contact Kate at The Golden Button to register.

Here are some pictures from one of our Sewing classes today!



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