Monday, February 16th!

Hi Guys!!!! Don’t forget… The Golden Button will be open tomorrow for Drop in Art!!!!

Join us on Monday (February 16th) for DROP IN ART: between 11-4 PM:
Mixed Media Art/ 3d/ paintings $12 per canvas All ages welcome!!! Lots of fun options!!!!

(That means lots of fun things to glue and trace and draw and paint and some very special little treasures to create beautiful and fun artwork!)
See you then.



*March and April are booking up fast for Birthday Parties and events!!! Please contact us to book your event in March, April and May!

 We would like to announce the winner of our Animals in Scarves giveaway!!!!……

All names from valentines sent to The Golden Button, Shares on Facebook and people who visited The Golden Button, were put into a big bucket… and the name that was drawn is…..

****TINA CAPELLINI!!!! YEAH!!!!! Tina will be invited to pick out her choice of paintings from the remaining pieces in the collection!!!!

And since we love all of you… we couldn’t stop at one painting…

So the following people were drawn to receive their choice of small animal paintings!  Each of these people will be invited to pick out one of the smaller animal paintings (The ones that were displayed in the case at The Woodbury Library)



and ****MOLLY TATE

There was one more drawn that we are still doing investigative research to decode… It was a child. We have some leads. 🙂

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This Week and Photos :)

Hello there!

Here are some wonderful things happening this week….

Wednesday: Drop in for Little Kids Art Classes at 1 PM ($20)
We are making fun Halloween Artwork!

Sign up now for the next session…

Little Kids Art


Wednesdays from 11:00-12:00 ish

November 5, 12, 19th and 26th

Little children have fun explore different art mediums and creating art! All materials are safe and appropriate for little hands! We will create some art supplies in class! All ages are welcome. Parents, grandparents, babysitters may join!

Cost: $65 plus $12 supply fee


We are Closed on Friday: Halloween but please visit our website for new classes beginning next week… Including Drawing and Painting for Kids, Sewing Classes, Crochet and much more!

Saturday: Night is Creative Paint and Cocktail Night!
*Easy Encaustic Painting

Saturday, November 1st from 7-9 PM
Many of you have expressed interest in learning about encaustic painting! We will be creating easy encaustic paintings!
This is a fun creative way to spend your evening with friends!
Encaustic painting, also known as hot wax painting, involves using heated beeswax to which colored pigments are added.
Please keep in mind we will be using hot wax! Safety first! BYOB
Cost is $45 each or $70 for 2!

photo 2-10
*Sunday: Adult Cooking Class
November 2nd at 4:30- 6:30 PM
Hands on cooking class! Learn how to create healthy delicious meals! And Suggestions for leftovers!

Menu: Individual Ground Turkey Meatloaves w hidden Zucchini, 
Roasted maple Butternut Squash with Cranberries, Baked Stuffed Sweet Potatoes, Warm Spiced Cider and Easy Apple Crumble!Cost is $20 plus $10 for ingredientsYou must sign up for this class! No Drop ins please. Thank you! Please sign up before Friday! Thank you!!!

1520715_765313623536406_7393694611584212095_n 1907915_765314583536310_5133739733586955539_n 10351404_765313363536432_5304698994127783286_n 10352373_766201846780917_5259567050045397521_n 10407307_766201823447586_4042443635902484039_n 10410450_765314286869673_4774835757034347264_n 10431544_766201920114243_8055132071093328500_n 10584396_10153297366775884_212757951_n 10593234_766201816780920_4856803575780670376_n 10659349_766201843447584_3945559308769895065_n 10665290_765314130203022_7910692929011194928_n 10703499_765313556869746_8933128341661291612_n 10712950_765313283536440_6270196313665861453_n 10723263_10153297366755884_2136185295_n

Needle Felting, Little Kids Art, Drop ins, Haunted House making, and Autumn Art with all our great friends!!!

The New Studio

I am so excited to share this with you… After an adventurous summer of traveling around and teaching at wonderful places…. We have found a new spot!

122 South Pomperaug Ave. Woodbury, CT


Here are some photos of the early stages of moving into our new Golden Button Arts & Craft Studio space! Lets just talk about some of the new and great aspects of this spot! Lots of natural light! LOTS OF PARKING!!!!! This space is TWICE the size of the last space and since we are focusing on classes and workshops (not as much on retail) it gives us so much space to work and create! Half the space will be dedicated to sewing, crochet, needle felting and other fun mediums and the other half (you can’t see in this picture) is dedicated to more messy projects!


Thats me! 10624891_731854123549023_6123201499645130209_n

So right now I am working on the new Schedule!!!! Here are some photos of one of our classes at Bent of the River! There will still be some classes at Bent! I am so excited about the Autumn Landscape Painting class!  Please message us if you would like to join the email list to get new classes sent right to you!

During our Sunset Landscape Painting Class at Bent of the River… we discovered this beautiful secret door! Everyone painted it!!!!

In September lots of these paintings will be on display at Bent of the River for a whole month! You can actually see it on display during Bent Fest on September 20th!

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