Monday, February 16th!

Hi Guys!!!! Don’t forget… The Golden Button will be open tomorrow for Drop in Art!!!!

Join us on Monday (February 16th) for DROP IN ART: between 11-4 PM:
Mixed Media Art/ 3d/ paintings $12 per canvas All ages welcome!!! Lots of fun options!!!!

(That means lots of fun things to glue and trace and draw and paint and some very special little treasures to create beautiful and fun artwork!)
See you then.



*March and April are booking up fast for Birthday Parties and events!!! Please contact us to book your event in March, April and May!

 We would like to announce the winner of our Animals in Scarves giveaway!!!!……

All names from valentines sent to The Golden Button, Shares on Facebook and people who visited The Golden Button, were put into a big bucket… and the name that was drawn is…..

****TINA CAPELLINI!!!! YEAH!!!!! Tina will be invited to pick out her choice of paintings from the remaining pieces in the collection!!!!

And since we love all of you… we couldn’t stop at one painting…

So the following people were drawn to receive their choice of small animal paintings!  Each of these people will be invited to pick out one of the smaller animal paintings (The ones that were displayed in the case at The Woodbury Library)



and ****MOLLY TATE

There was one more drawn that we are still doing investigative research to decode… It was a child. We have some leads. 🙂

10516841_805924679475300_5197331279100875788_n 10013618_805924509475317_7909295556066708499_n


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