The New Studio

I am so excited to share this with you… After an adventurous summer of traveling around and teaching at wonderful places…. We have found a new spot!

122 South Pomperaug Ave. Woodbury, CT


Here are some photos of the early stages of moving into our new Golden Button Arts & Craft Studio space! Lets just talk about some of the new and great aspects of this spot! Lots of natural light! LOTS OF PARKING!!!!! This space is TWICE the size of the last space and since we are focusing on classes and workshops (not as much on retail) it gives us so much space to work and create! Half the space will be dedicated to sewing, crochet, needle felting and other fun mediums and the other half (you can’t see in this picture) is dedicated to more messy projects!


Thats me! 10624891_731854123549023_6123201499645130209_n

So right now I am working on the new Schedule!!!! Here are some photos of one of our classes at Bent of the River! There will still be some classes at Bent! I am so excited about the Autumn Landscape Painting class!  Please message us if you would like to join the email list to get new classes sent right to you!

During our Sunset Landscape Painting Class at Bent of the River… we discovered this beautiful secret door! Everyone painted it!!!!

In September lots of these paintings will be on display at Bent of the River for a whole month! You can actually see it on display during Bent Fest on September 20th!

16062_732166440184458_128023609842729159_n 1521626_732166273517808_8583287317107012848_n 1924364_732166323517803_7004209534095255807_n  10514663_732166346851134_951023227236989938_n 10557228_732166243517811_2865043902181290677_n  10603420_732166406851128_737686377062964628_n  10628240_732166376851131_3836565401628984234_n


2 thoughts on “The New Studio

  1. Hi Kate,

    So glad to see that you are going to open a new studio, looks very nice. Was great seeing all the different places you had your classes this summer and all the different types of art you have been teaching. Wish a great opening for you and a happy fall.


    Sent from my iPad


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