Find your Animal Spirit…

Here is a little quiz you can try to see what animals are your Life Long Animal Totems…

  • When you were a child, what animal did you collect or obsess over that you are still attracted to today?
  • Of all animals if you could have any animal as a pet or companion what would it be?
  • When going to the zoo, which animal do you spend the most time with or are drawn to?
  • If you could be any animal what animal would it be?
  • What animal is in your dreams that you have had since childhood?
  • What animal are you afraid of that you have no idea why you are afraid of it?
  • Of all animals what animals are you most attracted to?
  • When you are out in nature, do you often seem to run into the same animal?
  • What animal have you bumped into over and over throughout your life?
  • What animal have you watched for hours?
  • Does art work or jewelry with a certain animal always attract you?

Which ever animals show up the most are your totems.
Then you can come make your animal totem charm today till 5 PM at The Golden Button.

A Narwal Whale, A Deer, A Crocodile, and a Sheep
(Very unfortunately mine is most likely a snake.)
Here is a photo of my little love Chase… Grabbing and squeezing a Boa Constrictor….
If you can’t stop over today you can come paint a wooden Pumpkin cut out tomorrow between 1 and 5 PM for $5. All ages are welcome!!! Wear a old shirt!
Look out for our Holiday Hours coming soon….
We will be open again on Sundays in November and December! from 12-5PM

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