Bent of the River

Here are some photos from our new classes at Bent of the River!! Crochet, Kids Nature Art and Sunset Painting!

 We have adult painting, sewing and embroidery starting soon in Woodbury! click here

10489957_704590892942013_6479979719597160120_n1979531_705572702843832_7630184380542139644_n 10425084_705617106172725_8533454921404509320_n 10426158_705617836172652_9150361531288393961_n 10456449_705572656177170_8304741039815666645_n 10457950_705572579510511_1034501875503614018_n 10460260_705572902843812_1760935679682382385_n 10471200_705572822843820_6679322624799682208_n 10478560_705617799505989_2045551529884636179_n 10482538_705617962839306_8490937590660740137_n 10501997_705572452843857_7559684476237656484_n


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