Hello There


I am working on a bunch of new things right now….. But I wanted to share a few things.

Today is Monday December 15th! WHOA That means we are going through December pretty fast… Here are some reminders for you!


Join us for Ornament Painting, Glitter Houses and Drop in Art this week!


Monday (12/15), Thursday (12/18), and Friday (12/19) drop in between 1-6 PM and Sunday (12/21) from 12-5 PM 

*Wooden Ornaments are 3 for $16 or 6 for $30

*Glitter Houses are $18 each! (They are different than last years houses!!!! So if you already made one these are a new pattern!

*Or grab a canvas for $10 each! They all make really special gifts from your children to teacher, grandparents, and other special people!!!!

Then we are offering 2 Kids Nights out this weekend!!!!

Drop the kids off and grab some gifts, have dinner with friends or grab a drink while the kids work on projects!!!! Please sign up ahead of time! (Friday Night is almost full!!!)

*Friday, December 19th 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM: Winter Wonderland Night!!! Kids will create an awesome 3-d winter painting! Lots of fun objects and treasures to use!! Make a snowman and more!!!!! Little Kids are welcome to join!!!!! $30 per artist or $50 for two! (Stay a little longer!!!! till 9 PM for $10 extra!!! Make a glitter house too!!!!)

*Saturday, December 20th from 6:00- 8:00 PM: Gift Making Night!!!! Children will pick from a bunch of great holiday gifts DIY! Make some gifts for the people you love! $30 per artist or $50 for two! (Stay a little longer!!!! till 9 PM for $10 extra!!! Make a glitter house too!!!!)


*Little Kids Art! (Drop in on Wednesday from 11- 12 ($20 per child) 1743596_791930804208021_7142196276226711376_n

Here are some pictures from and Up-Cycling Class at The Woodbury Library! (and you can see my paintings in the background!!!!) 10366039_791933090874459_1959062787844489410_n 10380328_791932920874476_1887589853036875806_n 10401337_791933114207790_3457576528792200826_n 10419605_791932910874477_7186130456126724397_n

Then we had a Gingerbread Making Party on Saturday with Eat. Play. Live! Thanks Sharon!!!!10603631_791117070956061_6809038869405944234_n 10636247_791116767622758_574144345986764154_n  10858617_791116994289402_6499863962236484331_n

 Have a great day! January Classes will be posted very soon!!!!


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