Happy New Year!!!

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful New Year! We are back at work and having so much fun!!!!


Here is a great article about Kate and The Golden Button on Happening In The Hills!!!

Here are a bunch of great photos from Guided Paint Classes….

(Oh Next Friday, January 9th from 7-9PM is….

*A Special Paint Night for Parents and Kids!!!

Have a night out with your child or your favorite little person! Tea and hot chocolate will be served! Create a guided painting! You will each get your own canvas! Miss Kate will guide you step by step though a painting! (We suggest the child is at least 5 to create the step by step painting) Cost is $55 per pair!)

10897906_10100575016444719_6931384049786390256_n 10897068_10100575016339929_4297941567394078270_n 10615380_10100575016270069_4203200629523031400_n      10896933_804142326320202_289099115160057830_n 10896930_804142509653517_93777225087304732_n   10885567_804142246320210_7756452417325614670_n 10885376_804142432986858_8178622360643650162_n    10409746_804142389653529_5064162806064646958_n 10409261_804142726320162_6555838153952507710_n

Visit our Class Page and our Events Page to pick out some very fun arts and Crafts classes!


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