Ocean Party

Yesterday we had a awesome Ocean Party for a very special girl! Here are some photos of the very creative beautiful Coral Reefs the children built! I love the Bright colors!!! Contact us now for your special party!!!!


Don’t forget our new Arts and Craft Studio is in Woodbury, Connecticut!





10917328_804417926292642_2289303840909041062_n 10915147_804418349625933_4282542457567798357_n 10906405_804418002959301_3451452194437989654_n 10906328_804418102959291_4718431320386192701_n 10898247_804418036292631_8810915191494228580_n 10891910_804418142959287_325877030929580596_n 10888419_804418296292605_3652180834481895366_n  10801896_804417869625981_137747190769000373_n  10397815_804417952959306_1865118631476916040_n 10371381_804418069625961_992033240842868162_n 10343000_804418199625948_3644235262566508488_n 1654093_804417896292645_1757794770898375004_n  11389_804418236292611_4229758465258900510_n 11404_804418266292608_1591949099878738827_n 62637_804417826292652_6530687400184593884_n

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